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Friday, February 1, 2013

Big brother and Parker, hospital visitors

 After a long labor we decided not to bring Will up Thursday, I got in my room about 3 pm and hadn't slept in about 40 hours... It was a long wait to see him till Friday afternoon but I'm glad I waited. I had time to shower and regroup, and before I knew it my little buddy was running in the door. I jumped off my bed and scooped him up in my arms. This birth was so different than Will's, with him I was in bed scared to move because of stitches. This time I was practically pain free and lifting a 30+ pound child.... offically momma of two under two!
Will opened his big brother present {a special personalized big bother book and award, new stampers, and two new movies} then it was time to check this little guy out. He didn't think too much and did not want to hold him but he kissed him and tickled him which completely melted my heart. This was it, this was our family of four, myself, my best friend, and our two wonderful sons. Life is complete.
I decided to have Will climb up on a chair so he could check this baby out, being all swaddled up he really just looked like a floating head. I'm glad we did, he really liked seeing and tickling his little feet and he was convinced his belly button stump was poo poo, "Parker you stinky, you need diapey change" "Peee Yew Parker"   Luke and I couldn't stop laughing, too funny!
After a snack and some hugs it was time for my boys to go again, Luke left both nights to take care of Will so I was on my own at the hospital, I don't mind it was nice having some alone time just Parker and I, and 85 bajillion nurses that like to come in the second you shut your eyes.

Friday morning Luke came up after he dropped Will off to check on me and see Parker I was glad he got to visit. My good friend Michelle also came by to see her newest sweet Wilson boy.
Friday night my grandma and grandpa couldn't wait any longer and came to see us.

Then in the blink of an eye we were signing papers, filling prescriptions, and loading now 7 pound 3 ounce baby in what looked like a huge car seat.
checking him out

nana and her fourth great gandson
crystal parker and hudson 

daddy and his boy

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