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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wilson's Summer Bucket List 2014

I've never done something like this but I find myself racking my brain trying to figure out how we will So I thought I'd make a list of some of my top things I want to do this summer.

Visit some splash pads
Botanical Gardens, kids area, and splash pad
Food Trucks and Concerts
Zoo Day
Take Will to hit golf balls
Jammin at the Zoo
A fair or carnival
A day at the ranch
The Science Center
Transportation museum
Little train ride in wildwood
Paddle boats at the boat house
Take Will to a Cardinals Game
Circus Flora??
City Garden down town
Crown Candy, I've never been!
Festival of the Little Hills – This festival will be held August 15-17
Grafton Zip lines, (me and Luke)
Hot Air Balloon Race at Forest Park – The 42nd annual balloon race is September 20th.  And come to Balloon Glow on September 19th to see the inflated balloons up close.  
Myseum - This is like West County's smaller version of the Magic House. Fun for winter too so NOT at the tip top of the list.
Gotta get to the "NEST" soon!
Wednesday Children's concert series tower grove park
Eckerts fruit picking, or anywhere.
Purina Farms
Powder Valley
Suson Park and Farms
Taste of St. Louis – The event will be held September 19-21 at the Chesterfield Amphitheater.  Be sure to visit Kid City!
Weherenberg Theater Family Summer Series – See 10 great films for $1 each this summer on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10am.

Think we can do 1/2 of it???

Easter 2014

He was actually posing for me, never happens!
I love Easter, Spring, Eggs, and cute outfits. This year it was great because we had such.a.long.winter! I tried to explain to Will what Easter is really all about but like most kids his age it didn't yet click. Next year. Parker quickly became obsessed with jellybeans, I mean BAD.... he's such a little monster and I love it, but whoa, I can only handle one sugar addicted kid at a time here.
We have had our fair share of friendly gatherings at the new house but I was really looking forward to hosting some holidays. Saturday we had Luke's family over for food and an Easter egg hunt. Will really looks up to Peyton and was excited to hunt for eggs with her. It took Parker a while to warm up to everyone, he's a bit more shy/reserved around people than Will ever was. But once he knows you he's a lil clown just like his bro.  We had a great time having some drinks and catching up with them all and before you know it we are getting kids in bed to put our bunny ears on and get ready for round 2. The Easter bunny came, surprising with so many warnings that he many not. The boys were excited to see what was in their baskets and there was a cotton tail trail leading them out back to a new playhouse for the summer. I made a yummy cinnamon roll casserole and I think a good morning was had by all.
A quick visit from papa Jim and Mama Mary and some naps later it was time for round 3 my family came over with TOO much food, TOO much candy and TOO much crap. It is really great they like to help out, but do we need 4 deserts for 7 people and 4 kids? Or every bottle of salad dressing from my moms fridge when I told her I had it all.... I know I cant change them, But at this point the, cook, clean, entertain, clean up bit was getting a little tiring. They all had fun laughing with the boys, playing, hunting for eggs, and eating. And we had a good time hosting everyone in the new house and making some memories and traditions. I'm not sure we will host 2 events on a holiday weekend again but I am a sucker for hosting a good egg hunt! 
Hope everyone had a very happy Easter!

Parker getting hit with the silly string

Peyton (8) William (3)

One "bunny"

Easter Morning

Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweet boys and a special day...

first bro wrestles

Parker pushes Will, he thinks he is the big bro most days

I'll be the first to admit, they were not always BFFs... But now a year later, they sure are quite fond of one another. Any mom will agree with me I'm sure, your heart doubles in size yet again when you get to start watching your children really play and interact together. Will is so protective of Parker from the steps he doesn't want him to fall down, to not getting in the street, to not coming NEAR the potty while Will is going. And Parker, well from day one, he's been the biggest fan of his big brother. I truly believe that is why he was an early crawler/walker, he just has to be doing everything his brother is doing. Will is very good at taking turns and sharing everything but I think the hardest part for him is sharing OUR time. There are certain things and games we can only do once Parker is asleep and there are some nights at 5 pm Will thinks it is quite time his little bro clock out for the night. Catching their first wresting match was one of the funniest things I have seen, I cant wait for more of these special moments.
Will funnies:
At the store in the cart he didn't even say a word to me before he asks a stranger, "Hey can you hand me those cookies" The woman and I both broke out laughing... Good try buddy.
Will asked what died meant the other day....(I said our flowers were dying) I said sometimes when things get old they slow down and sometimes they can start to die. Will's sweet response: "Ohh  yeah I know, just like when I dyed eggs at Mimi's house!"
Who knows what they are doing, but you know whatever it is Parker WILL do it too
love these two cute bunnies. right before I took pic Will was tickling Parker

On Good Friday we had plans to go to Purina Farms, every spring they have baby animals out you can see and pet. My mom came along and we had a great morning (even with Parker who wouldn't nap in the car) The animals are just so darn cute, and so is the event. We watched the dog show, and Will got his face painted. We were just loaded up in the car saying what a beautiful day it was outside when we were all trying to think of the last time we had been at the farm. On a whim we decided to let the kids nap in the car, pick up a burger, and head down to surprise my dad.
I really was a beautiful day and I cant think of anything better than spending it with my family. I hope we can re create this day every year....
Luke has GOT to learn the camera.... ;)

most the animals were 3 weeks or less, so sweet

love him

My mom and Will chatting it up with papas cows

Parkers FIRST visit to the farm!
My guys.... Parker, Luke, William, and Dad.

Silly with Papa, in our seats from Busch

The next morning Will and Luke mowed the grass together. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our new crib....

Home: Where you treat your friends like family and your family like friends.
When we went to see this house on New Years eve, that was it, I asked where to sign. My aunt told me when you find one that is it, you will just know. After house hunting since September I didn't know if that were true anymore but boy was I wrong! This was it, and if you know me, when I want something and put my mind to it, it WILL happen. Most thought I was crazy since our house wasn't even listed yet... But that was really our plan all along. Find the perfect house then sell ours and hope for the best. Our life is far too crazy as it is to add in the stress of being homeless or shacking up with someone and moving twice. All worked out and we close on the sale of our house tomorrow. Less than two months after we closed on the new house, which was prefect for us to get in there get our work done, move a little at a time, and take our time.
People say moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever go through, insert two toddlers and two demanding jobs. It was hard but this really was one of the most pleasant experiences, I know we will be in this house for a LONG LONG, time. The boys will come home from college here, so I think that made it all the more exciting for us. And for us to make our own for the long haul. There are still plenty of things we want to do down the road, once the checkbook settles a bit and we can breath again. But for now we are so much enjoying this time.
I love pretty much everything about our home and all of its customized touches, but the thing I love most is the neighborhood. We have already met so many great people, awesome kids, we have two pools to enjoy this summer, and to top it off we live in walking distance of 8 families we know with young kids, a few of which being our very good friends! I mean who gets to live that close to so many friends!?  It.doesn't.get.any.better.
Ok, onto some pics with OUR things in the house.... They are dark, taken quickly with phone while walking out the door after work on our way to soccer. Quality sucks.
my favorite room of the house, kitchen/hearth room

this room is getting a remodel overhaul soon and I cant wait!

office recently updated with two distressed corner cabinets from Ratique furniture

Pond with coy fish


closet with built ins... we looked at building for a while which makes me appreciate all of these touches even more!

giant soaking tub

The after pic of the dresser, this is going in the guest room

guest room

Will showing off his room

SO in love with my laundry room from In a fix home improvement

Kids play room/ bonus room, love that we did different colors on the big great wall
Play room

jack and jill bath

Parker's room

great room