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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Firsts, Fathers Day, Photo Dump

my boys love the swings
Parker's first swing ride at the park!

Parker's had so many firsts lately it was time to record them!

He's such a little ham who just loves life, he loves when anyone talks to him and he is {thank god}sleeping through the night. He gets up early about 5:30 but I'll take it!

William is sick. Again. I scheduled a meeting with his doctor for Monday to discuss getting some blood work done to see if there is a reason. It just seems his little immune system is shot lately.

Anyone who tells you it is easy to have two kids... two kids 2 and under, is lying. It is very hard, I am contently struggling with trying to balance spending time with the kids, getting house work done, and then theirs the regular work thing that seems to take a back burner most days.

I love my two butterballs more than anything, but man ohh man. Sometimes life is just plain hard... Moments like these make them all worth it. Thank god for the iphone and being able to capture them all! :)
They are always having these secret little conversations. Most often its about who gets what toys...
Parker LOVES his feet. It's getting really hard to change him and a lot of times his jammie toes are wet in the morning

Will's first fun dip

Parks being his silly self

Will eating a Clifford cookie!

my boys and I all on Will's bed after bath time

Will's first time on a slip and slide, he loved it!

mommy went down a few times too!

Parker has his tongue out just like Will does in the other picture.

Will wearing mommies Cards shirt from when I was a little girl


nothing like a Friday afternoon at the playground

LOVE this silly guy

Will and Mason, destined to be best friends forever just like their mommies
 Luke had a good Fathers day, after our early wake up call from Parker we all slept in a little. Funny that these days sleeping in means 7 am. Daddy was showered with all sorts of new pictures for his new office, and also a photobook full of just pictures of him and his boys. We had a special breakfast and played all day.
Luke's fathers day breakfast

Daddy and William

Love that Will is totally fully potty trained, really makes life a little easier

6-19-13 Will got his first kiss from Miss McKenzie. They sat together to have a snack at the park and she gave him to big kisses. Will looked stunned :)

Both my boys LOVE applesauce. Special since grandma ad made the worlds best applesauce
 Luke left for his annual big golf trip, I had a good but hard weekend with the boys... Boomer got out and came back with something bad... bad... bad... in his stomach that he let out all over our carpet in our room and closet. Everyone thinks I'm exaggerating (I think) but its the worst smell ever. With Luke gone I was left to get the boys bathed, fed, and in bed before I started my clean up. I got sick twice while getting it up, had a professional carpet cleaning company out twice and the smell is STILL there. We are now replacing the floors in our room. What a nightmare.
Proof that Parker literally GOES with the FLOW... such a happy easy baby.

potty break had recently turned into play time.

thumb sucker :)

Will torturing his brother

in a box with all his stuff

visiting Gigis new kittens, Will and I both left sneezing with watery eyes guess he got my cat allergy.

Jack and Will chilling out to some toy story after a storm ruined our water play date outside

having some fun with mama michelle

ice cream date!

Party in Parkers crib, he's found his toy and now trys to rip it off!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grants Farm visit and the WHY age!

Why are you putting your shoes one? Why are you eatting an apple? Why is daddy at work? Why is it hot outside? Why is Parka crying? Why are you tired mommy? Why are we getting gas? 
Ohhh here we go! We're at the WHY age. I know that kids learn through communication and talking so I answer the best I can, but every answer I give gets one and one and only response.... WHY?

Sunday we went to Grants Farm with my mom (LOVE that place) Will got a little lizard we named Lizzy. That night on the potty very concerned Will wanted to know where Lizzy's mommy and daddy were. I told him they were back at the store but Will was Lizzys new best friend and they needed to keep each other company... But why?  Wont Lizzy miss her mommy and daddy? 
The past two nights Lizzy has slept next to Will on his pillow. When he went to school on Monday he was very concerned about leaving Lizzy home alone so we decided that Lizzy would come with mommy. Once I got to work and glanced in my backseat I had to take a quick photo of Will's carseat, there was Miss Lizzy all buckled in.... God I love this kid.

Miss Lizzy Wilson
shades on singing a song... wonder where he gets it.
serious face... where are they taking me now.

all aboard!

passed out

Will and Mimi on a camel!
what a cool mimi, riding a camel with her grandma shirt on :)

Parker's first visit to Grants Farm

Sweet sleepy boy

party in Will's bed after a long but fun Sunday funday

Paker 4 month pictures...

He'll be 5 months is less than a week {GASP!} but nothing like a day of a little catch up!

still spits up... a lot

grabs toes!

look at me ma!

how I get the laundry up and down...