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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Parker's 4 months!

I've had this post saved for a while to add 4 month pics to.... Since he will be 5 months in 2 weeks I thought I should just go ahead and post it.... I'll get it all together someday...


I cant believe my baby Parker is 4 months old young and growing up right before our eyes, he had his four month well visit and got some shots, but he took it like a champ. It is a feat going to the doc with both boys in tow by yourself but we managed. I amaze myself at how much I get done on my Wednesdays at home, errands doctors, laundry, play time, outside time, the list is endless... and its exhausting but nice to get some things checked off before the weekend.
Ok back to Parks... He is rolling all over the place which the doctor even said was early, but Will was early too. I wonder if Parker will be crawling by 6 months like Will! We started cereal to help him with reflux and stay full, he's doing so good with the spoon I'm really proud of him. I also recently gave in and let go and started with some formula, right now he's about 50/50 with breast milk/ formula. After feeding him a couple 6-7 oz bottles and realizing he was only getting 4/5 out of me we quickly realized he was hungry a better park of the day and night which wasn't good for anyone.
Parker is taking two naps a morning and afternoon but the length of them vary, he is a very finicky sleeper and wakes easily, not by noises but just on his own. He is still not sleeping through the night.... lord help us all.
At his four month visit Parker weighed 14 pounds 4 oz  28 %  24.5" 25%  Head: 11% He's my little boy just like the doctors predicted.

Parker is such a happy boy, I say it all the time but his favorite thing to do is smiling... if he could talk he'd say "smiling is my favorite" He is ticklish right under his chin on his neck and that is the way we get to hear the precious baby belly laugh. He loves to watch Will in wonderment and Will LOVES Parker, it was a slow start but they are slowly becoming best friends. Will asks all the time, Where's Parker? Is Parker awake? Is Parker coming with us? And recently... Can Parker come to preschool? Its just so sweet.

Without further ado... Here is my little money man.

Parker and Daddy on Mothers Day 2013

He found his feet

four months old and happy as a clam

two kids at the doctor is no joke, I was out numbered.

one of my favorite pics to date.

watching brother splash at the park

Happy with a new toy!

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