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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grants Farm visit and the WHY age!

Why are you putting your shoes one? Why are you eatting an apple? Why is daddy at work? Why is it hot outside? Why is Parka crying? Why are you tired mommy? Why are we getting gas? 
Ohhh here we go! We're at the WHY age. I know that kids learn through communication and talking so I answer the best I can, but every answer I give gets one and one and only response.... WHY?

Sunday we went to Grants Farm with my mom (LOVE that place) Will got a little lizard we named Lizzy. That night on the potty very concerned Will wanted to know where Lizzy's mommy and daddy were. I told him they were back at the store but Will was Lizzys new best friend and they needed to keep each other company... But why?  Wont Lizzy miss her mommy and daddy? 
The past two nights Lizzy has slept next to Will on his pillow. When he went to school on Monday he was very concerned about leaving Lizzy home alone so we decided that Lizzy would come with mommy. Once I got to work and glanced in my backseat I had to take a quick photo of Will's carseat, there was Miss Lizzy all buckled in.... God I love this kid.

Miss Lizzy Wilson
shades on singing a song... wonder where he gets it.
serious face... where are they taking me now.

all aboard!

passed out

Will and Mimi on a camel!
what a cool mimi, riding a camel with her grandma shirt on :)

Parker's first visit to Grants Farm

Sweet sleepy boy

party in Will's bed after a long but fun Sunday funday

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