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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An update on everyone!

Helping feed Parker
 Its time to update! Too much going on, too much I'll forget! So here'd goes!

We had a great memorial day weekend we stayed around St Louis and got some things done and had some fun. Friday night Will and I went on a date. We had a blast playing games and eating ice cream and it was good to have some time Daddy and Will had a date to the carnival the weekend before so I was a little jealous.
Saturday morning we got Will and daddy all packed up and they headed to the farm to hang out with papa for a while. Will had so much fun running all around and seeing all the animals. He decided to chase some cows and one ran straight through a fence and broke it. Wild child. It was so quiet at home with just Parker, but I got all my plants and flowers ready on the deck for Spring. Daddy is out of town for work this week, it sure makes a difference having an extra set of hands around to help out!
Will and Parker are really starting to interact a lot more. Parker's face lights up when Will enters runs in a room, and after every nap Will wakes up and asks "wheres Parka" "Is Parka sleeping?" I can sense that sharing will be an issue soon, Will is not a big fan of Parka playing with his toys and it took a while for us to learn that Parka has toys of his own too. Boys.....

Parker is doing so good, he is just the happiest baby, he is eating cereal and he has had avocados and sweet potatoes, he is such a little piggy and makes a grunting noise if you are taking too long with his next bite. He may be a little dude but he sure loves to eat! His sitter is going pretty good, I sure wish we could get on more of a schedule for these naps and then work on sleeping through the night, mommy is starting to losing her mind. He normally takes two naps but the length of them and times of them vary I find that if he is well rested or has a nap closer to bed time he will sleep better, so were working on it!

Will is loving school... loving it! He has friends he is excited to see each day and their summer program is just awesome. They do a different country each week and every Friday is water play day. I'm so glad he gets to attend such a great school, I cant wait to see how much he is going to thrive being there. There is a shutterfly blog set up for the summer program and every night I check it and see pictures from his day, which I LOVE!
A couple weeks ago Will got a little flu bug, then after memorial day he started a nasty cough, the cough is not going away and has started to make him spike some really high fevers. We got chest xrays and ruled out an ammonia and he is being treated with steroids, antibiotic, breathing treatments, and allergies. The combination of steroids and breathing treatments are causing him to act out, he has no idea what he is doing but he is acting horrible. Its so hard to see him so upset and just plain mean, especially while I'm alone this week. I also feel bad for Parker during all of it because of all the attention Will is requiring he's not getting a lot. Really hoping he starts feeling better soon, my poor baby boy.

Other tidbits to remember:
Will shouted an "Oh my God" the other day
Will is pretty much 98% potty trained but cant get his undies and shorts up and down for the life of him.
Will got put in time out at school for being a little to "aggressive and handsy" with the other kids, he doesn't understand that all kids dont want to play rough
We had our first experience of throwing up in public (Chili's) I'd like to never do that again. Home we went...
Later that night, crazy St Louis Spring weather with tornadoes all over, went to the basement with the boys and Parker threw up all over Will and I. The beginning of the sickness...
I'm 29.... Luke got me a coach purse for my birthday which I traded in for a different purse and some new tory burch sandals. Luke made dinner on my actual birthday while I got to play outside with the boys and we went out to Ruth Chris for dinner later that week. Cant believe I'll be 30 next year!

Trying to figure out if its going to be more trouble that its worth to take a trip with the boys this year, we'd love to go somewhere and get Will somewhere but its so much work with both of them, traveling, different nap times, etc...

All in all were having a good start to our summer and looking forward to a great summer with our two little men. 

Will got a tattoo and insisted Parker get a tattoo too!
finally nice enough to get outside!

we all enjoyed a morning walk this day

Will has three favorite "gabba" characters at home, but he found the MOTHERLOAD!
Date night with mommy
we will be going back to this place for sure

getting so big

dork insisted on riding this kiddie merry go round

cheese face :)

and a mommy date isn't complete without ice cream for desert

first food, homemade avocados!

Loving breakfast time!

playing with the exersaucer toys together

and Will showing Parker his "moves" Will has started shaking his booty a lot recently, I desperately need to get this on video.

Big boy playing with toys! Time goes so fast!

breathing treatments, bribed with tv, ipad, pictures on phone, and chocolate

Superhero breathing treatment
LOVE THESE TWO! Sometimes when Parker is down on the floor Will goes down and joins him on tummy time, precious!

Driving Papas Tractor

Bottle feeding a calf

Carnival date night with daddy

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