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Thursday, May 23, 2013

William goes to preschool!

It's time to go to school today, school today, school today, It's time to go to school today to learn and have some fun! It's time to go to school today, school today, school today, It's time to go to school today to play and see my friends 

After knowing in my mommy heart of hearts that it was time for a change and searching thoroughly I found the absolute best place for my sweet little boy. Will had some unnoticed marks lately and the rough, rowdy play was just getting to me, especially knowing Parker was sitting there on the floor while everyone ran wild. It was a feat picking the boys up because Will would constantly be in meltdown mode when I got there, I'm not sure why but it was a big red flag. While his sitter was super sweet and he had fun playing and going crazy all day we felt Will needed some more structure and Parker needed some more one on one. William, Parker, and I spent nights and days trucking along from home sitters for Parker, to interviewing nanny canidates, and seeing every preschool in town. {insert mommy meltdown and thoughts of staying at home} I think I'm an awesome mom, but I think I'm a great mom because I work. I don't know if that makes sense, but it does to me... I'm happier when I am with them, I'm not run ragged and I really enjoy and do fun things with the time we DO get together. And I work from home while taking care of the boys and doing laundry etc on Wednesdays, I cant be thankful enough for that.
It is hard since Will is 2 and being in October misses the cut off, and a lot of programs have cute little 2 hour 2 days a week, which doesnt help the working mommas out. 
It is a completely new environment for him and he had a hard couple first drop offs, and it is definitely an adjustment napping there, but he is now doing so well and last night asked me if he could go to preschool today. He is proud to say "I go to school!!!" And he is really enjoying all the activities. It is a school run/ school year program so he is signed up for their summer camp and just looking at the calendar I'M jealous I cant go with him every day their going to have some really fun events going on!

Parker has started going to a sitters house, she watches one other baby a couple weeks older than him, he's at a hard age but I'm hoping it works out! I'm so excited for the much needed changes for both of them.
Will's first day of preschool!
Showing me to his classroom
We had a blast at "mommy muffin morning"

He wanted to take a picture of his muffin :)

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