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Friday, December 28, 2012

Meeting Santa, and Will's big boy room!

Hummm... Not too sure about this.
Counting Fishies

Taking William to meet Santa this year was kind of a shot in the dark. The last two years he's done great, but with more feeling showing through especially the "scared" feeling it didnt go too well. He was nervous and clung to daddy for dear life, while I wish I had the photo of my son screaming his head off in terror it kinda melts my heart a little that he wouldn't let his daddy go.... insert death grip photo. We always go see Santa at Bass Pro, I like their Santa in the fact that he is not creepy looking at all like some, and Will loves seeing the fish and all the Christmas events they have set up for the kids. 

I've been meaning to post photos of Will's big boy room for what seems like an eternity now.... So.... Drumroll please..... Here they are! My sweet baby boys baseball big boy room complete with a baseball photo of daddy about 6 years old.... insert tears. 

Sneek Peek of baby boys room, its coming together, slowly but surly! 
 I know, he could in theory be here anyday.... so I DO have clothes washed, diapers bought, and I plan to breastfeed again so I could say were ready :)

I definitely had a fairytale idea in my head when I thought of decorating Christmas cookies with Will this year.... Lets just say not much decorating got done and boy was on a sugar overload after this failed project. Maybe next year.
Ok, its Friday, round four of Christmas tonight then were done! :) I love all the events but it has me (36weeks pregnant) feeling a bit beat up!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Yes, I am okay."

 It's time to update on all things William before I forget anything anymore. He's growing and changing so much every day at almost 27 months old. He is talking in complete sentences, doing lots of things on his own, and simply impressing us in every way possible.
The sentence thing feels like it literally happened overnight, and I love it. It's just so fun to have full conversations with him and watch him have conversations with.... well everything. All his little toys, bunny, anything that will listen. If he falls or something happens he immediately looks at you and says, "Yes, I am okay" In perfect pronunciation. He probably says this 10+ times a day and I don't know why but Luke and I find it pretty funny. Along with that usually goes, "Yes, I'll be careful" usually as he is trying some stuntman daredevil task. Also, sitting around eating breakfast one morning he picked up his toy phone and said "Hi Santa, I'm good. I want you to bring me toys. Yup. Thank you. Bye." Of course by the time I got the video started he was done but it was so precious..... chatting it up with the big ol man himself.  Though in person Will was not as big of a fan.
He has been really into crafts and coloring but his attention still doesn't last super long.
The other night we noticed something hanging out of Will's ear, looked small and blue... shit, his tubes coming out already, its only been four months and my insurance starts back over in January. I talked to the doc and he said it'd be best to bring him in... took off work, woke him up for appt, drove in rush hour, walked through huge hospital with a toddler 8 months pregnant only to find out his tubes are in, he had something in there that's made its way out.... and he's got great looking ears. Best answers I could of hoped for I guess, just a long day for nothing.
We had a great year doing Christmas things with Will, seeing Santa, making cookies, seeing lights, and of course all the fun events with our families. I'm working this three day week and hope to get some pictures and updates up before another four day weekend (hallelujah!)

I love this doctor, but find it a little odd he dresses like its 1970
Chatting it up with Santa

visiting our friends, Will loves the nap nanny!
tired grump running lots of Christmas errands with mommy

Playing with his new color wonder finger paints

doing the jump jump at the mall for the first time, I'm sure I've created a monster here....
Such a daredevil for being just turned two!

Looking at Christmas lights at the park and chomping some cookies
With a prego mommy ice cream runs are a must no matter the temp

coloring at his new table and chairs.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Introducing Buddy Wilson

Since Buddy the elf joined our family this year, I wanted to record some of his mischief he's been up to! I'm sure all of you have heard of elf on the shelf, I'm a big fan of all things Christmas especially fun traditions so I was excited to start this one. Every night our elf who we've named Buddy {love that movie!} flys to the North Pole to tell Santa if we've done good things that day or bad, then he flys back to our house and usually gets himself into some sort of situation...  
Will loves Buddy, he doesn't understand that he cant touch him, so were letting that rule go ;)

getting acquainted

Buddy all wrapped up by the fire

readying charlie brown (wills favorite) to some of his favorite pals

holding a lamb at the nativity scene

Happy St Nick morning! Daddy was good and got something too!
Welcome Buddy, we love having you around!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

32/33 weeks

I had my 32 week appointment  Friday and I must say I am super happy with the way things went! With a crazy two weeks from my 30 week and being worried about my little peanut, things are looking back on track. 
25 weeks measured 24, 
28 weeks, measured 25, 
30 weeks measured 25 still.... 
The 5 weeks was a concern so I went for the highrisk ultrasound and started to follow some precautions. 
I'm happy to report that at 32.5 weeks I measured 30! That's a 5 cm jump, and with a quick ultrasound it was confirmed baby boy listened to his mommas warnings and remained head down (back out)! Yahoooo! 

I'm very lucky and happy to still be carrying this baby, but I'm definitely beginning to feel the third trimester joys. I have lower pelvic and right upper rib pain both from my growing and pushing uterus against everything, and the big jabs from feet don't help much. The doctor said with the amount of rib pain I most likely have bruised ribs and rib tissue but nothing I can do but embrace it! :) The heartburn comes and goes, I've been doing my best to avoid big meals, but with my constantly growing appetite and thirst that can be a bit difficult. I've caught Luke eying up my dinner plate a few times, as I nicely warn him to not say a thing about the amount of food I am about to eat. He knows better. 
My blood pressure is good and my total weight gain at 32 weeks is 13.5 pounds.This was my last appointment with my OB as she is not delivering anymore so I hammered her with questions. Her predictions... He will be 7-7.5 pounds definitely smaller than Will but that's ok, and I'll deliver right around 41 weeks. Excited to meet my new doctor next week, and trying to embrace these last few weeks, it feels like yesterday I was peeing on a stick and putting it in a sno cone!

32 weeks

Will has been interested in checking out all things baby!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Thanksgiving round up of updates!

We've had a fun filled past couple of weekends, and that's just the way I want it to be till baby boy's big debut in January. Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key, we just went to my grandmas with my family for a few hours... which was good because Friday and Saturday we all became sick, sick sick one by one we were down for the count. I can honestly say I think one of the hardest parts of being a parent is being sick and taking care of your sick child. But we made it through, and I had the OB call me in some amoxicillin to get better quick!
By Sunday we all had enough energy to carry up some boxes and start spreading some Christmas Cheer around our house. I didn't know what Will would think of the tree and everything else, but he loved it all. He had so much fun digging through the boxes with me looking at all things as he says "merry Christmas"

I've signed him up for a few classes at the little gym... thinking we would be needing some entertainment on the cold days. Boy was I wrong, Yesterday after having the windows open and fans on we finally broke down and turned our air on... in December... in Saint Louis, unheard of! But we've been loving our little gym Saturday mornings and I wish it was something we had time to do more often!

Our church does a fun reenactment called "the journey to Bethlehem" this year it was our first time going and it was pretty cool! Over 700 people are involved in making it a huge success. Will has been a bit obsessed with the camel in the nativity scene at the babysitters, so he was amazed to see the live camels, goats, and chickens, and of course, baby Jesus.

Helping Momma cook, of course
Hudson, Bennett, and Will on Thanksgiving 2012

Balance beam at the little gym
Will is really good at basketball!

spending a day with eliza and mama michelle before thanksgiving
extra sweet aunt ashley snuggles, we love our ashley!

our tree 2012

reading a Christmas book he found