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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

32/33 weeks

I had my 32 week appointment  Friday and I must say I am super happy with the way things went! With a crazy two weeks from my 30 week and being worried about my little peanut, things are looking back on track. 
25 weeks measured 24, 
28 weeks, measured 25, 
30 weeks measured 25 still.... 
The 5 weeks was a concern so I went for the highrisk ultrasound and started to follow some precautions. 
I'm happy to report that at 32.5 weeks I measured 30! That's a 5 cm jump, and with a quick ultrasound it was confirmed baby boy listened to his mommas warnings and remained head down (back out)! Yahoooo! 

I'm very lucky and happy to still be carrying this baby, but I'm definitely beginning to feel the third trimester joys. I have lower pelvic and right upper rib pain both from my growing and pushing uterus against everything, and the big jabs from feet don't help much. The doctor said with the amount of rib pain I most likely have bruised ribs and rib tissue but nothing I can do but embrace it! :) The heartburn comes and goes, I've been doing my best to avoid big meals, but with my constantly growing appetite and thirst that can be a bit difficult. I've caught Luke eying up my dinner plate a few times, as I nicely warn him to not say a thing about the amount of food I am about to eat. He knows better. 
My blood pressure is good and my total weight gain at 32 weeks is 13.5 pounds.This was my last appointment with my OB as she is not delivering anymore so I hammered her with questions. Her predictions... He will be 7-7.5 pounds definitely smaller than Will but that's ok, and I'll deliver right around 41 weeks. Excited to meet my new doctor next week, and trying to embrace these last few weeks, it feels like yesterday I was peeing on a stick and putting it in a sno cone!

32 weeks

Will has been interested in checking out all things baby!

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  1. I'm right there with you on the rib pain. However, I'm super happy to report that after 48 hours of round-the-clock extra strength tylenol and positioning my maternity body pillow so that I could sleep on my belly last feels SO much better today! That and a shot of benadryl to sleep, I was a happy momma today:) All doc orders of course! And great for you for only be up 13 lbs., my scale is starting to go overboard this week and it's scaring me a bit!