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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Yes, I am okay."

 It's time to update on all things William before I forget anything anymore. He's growing and changing so much every day at almost 27 months old. He is talking in complete sentences, doing lots of things on his own, and simply impressing us in every way possible.
The sentence thing feels like it literally happened overnight, and I love it. It's just so fun to have full conversations with him and watch him have conversations with.... well everything. All his little toys, bunny, anything that will listen. If he falls or something happens he immediately looks at you and says, "Yes, I am okay" In perfect pronunciation. He probably says this 10+ times a day and I don't know why but Luke and I find it pretty funny. Along with that usually goes, "Yes, I'll be careful" usually as he is trying some stuntman daredevil task. Also, sitting around eating breakfast one morning he picked up his toy phone and said "Hi Santa, I'm good. I want you to bring me toys. Yup. Thank you. Bye." Of course by the time I got the video started he was done but it was so precious..... chatting it up with the big ol man himself.  Though in person Will was not as big of a fan.
He has been really into crafts and coloring but his attention still doesn't last super long.
The other night we noticed something hanging out of Will's ear, looked small and blue... shit, his tubes coming out already, its only been four months and my insurance starts back over in January. I talked to the doc and he said it'd be best to bring him in... took off work, woke him up for appt, drove in rush hour, walked through huge hospital with a toddler 8 months pregnant only to find out his tubes are in, he had something in there that's made its way out.... and he's got great looking ears. Best answers I could of hoped for I guess, just a long day for nothing.
We had a great year doing Christmas things with Will, seeing Santa, making cookies, seeing lights, and of course all the fun events with our families. I'm working this three day week and hope to get some pictures and updates up before another four day weekend (hallelujah!)

I love this doctor, but find it a little odd he dresses like its 1970
Chatting it up with Santa

visiting our friends, Will loves the nap nanny!
tired grump running lots of Christmas errands with mommy

Playing with his new color wonder finger paints

doing the jump jump at the mall for the first time, I'm sure I've created a monster here....
Such a daredevil for being just turned two!

Looking at Christmas lights at the park and chomping some cookies
With a prego mommy ice cream runs are a must no matter the temp

coloring at his new table and chairs.

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