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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Thanksgiving round up of updates!

We've had a fun filled past couple of weekends, and that's just the way I want it to be till baby boy's big debut in January. Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key, we just went to my grandmas with my family for a few hours... which was good because Friday and Saturday we all became sick, sick sick one by one we were down for the count. I can honestly say I think one of the hardest parts of being a parent is being sick and taking care of your sick child. But we made it through, and I had the OB call me in some amoxicillin to get better quick!
By Sunday we all had enough energy to carry up some boxes and start spreading some Christmas Cheer around our house. I didn't know what Will would think of the tree and everything else, but he loved it all. He had so much fun digging through the boxes with me looking at all things as he says "merry Christmas"

I've signed him up for a few classes at the little gym... thinking we would be needing some entertainment on the cold days. Boy was I wrong, Yesterday after having the windows open and fans on we finally broke down and turned our air on... in December... in Saint Louis, unheard of! But we've been loving our little gym Saturday mornings and I wish it was something we had time to do more often!

Our church does a fun reenactment called "the journey to Bethlehem" this year it was our first time going and it was pretty cool! Over 700 people are involved in making it a huge success. Will has been a bit obsessed with the camel in the nativity scene at the babysitters, so he was amazed to see the live camels, goats, and chickens, and of course, baby Jesus.

Helping Momma cook, of course
Hudson, Bennett, and Will on Thanksgiving 2012

Balance beam at the little gym
Will is really good at basketball!

spending a day with eliza and mama michelle before thanksgiving
extra sweet aunt ashley snuggles, we love our ashley!

our tree 2012

reading a Christmas book he found

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  1. Glad you all are feeling better!! I wish we had a Little Gym like that! Looks like a blast!