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Friday, December 28, 2012

Meeting Santa, and Will's big boy room!

Hummm... Not too sure about this.
Counting Fishies

Taking William to meet Santa this year was kind of a shot in the dark. The last two years he's done great, but with more feeling showing through especially the "scared" feeling it didnt go too well. He was nervous and clung to daddy for dear life, while I wish I had the photo of my son screaming his head off in terror it kinda melts my heart a little that he wouldn't let his daddy go.... insert death grip photo. We always go see Santa at Bass Pro, I like their Santa in the fact that he is not creepy looking at all like some, and Will loves seeing the fish and all the Christmas events they have set up for the kids. 

I've been meaning to post photos of Will's big boy room for what seems like an eternity now.... So.... Drumroll please..... Here they are! My sweet baby boys baseball big boy room complete with a baseball photo of daddy about 6 years old.... insert tears. 

Sneek Peek of baby boys room, its coming together, slowly but surly! 
 I know, he could in theory be here anyday.... so I DO have clothes washed, diapers bought, and I plan to breastfeed again so I could say were ready :)

I definitely had a fairytale idea in my head when I thought of decorating Christmas cookies with Will this year.... Lets just say not much decorating got done and boy was on a sugar overload after this failed project. Maybe next year.
Ok, its Friday, round four of Christmas tonight then were done! :) I love all the events but it has me (36weeks pregnant) feeling a bit beat up!

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  1. Love both the rooms! The place where you went to visit santa looked great. Hope you all had happy holidays!