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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas festivities 2012

The whole Christmas season this year with Will was just magical, since the day after Thanksgiving he has been singing his Jingle Bells and shouting Merry Christmas! I don't know if he quite "got" the Santa thing this year but we had a lot of fun with our elf Buddy and he's going to be so excited to see him again next year! We did four Christmas's like usual: Luke's Dad, my family, our own, and Luke's mom and brothers. This year we did my family on Christmas eve instead of Christmas day and while it was a late night for some of us parents accchemmmm... it was well worth it to be in our jammies ALL day on Christmas and let Will play and really enjoy everything. In the afternoon Lukes mom came by with Jake and Anne in town from North Carolina and we spend the rest of the day eating, visiting, and wrestling with uncle Jake. 
Luke sent me an email the next day thanking me for making the day so special for us, from foods to presents etc, and it felt really good to know he had a good day and appreciated it as much as I did. 
Will of course got spoiled by all the family, some of our favorite presents being money for college/savings, diapers for baby, and his new truck. His favorite presents from Santa are his motorized Choo Choos, Tow-mater toys, and new books and puzzles.
I cant believe how lucky we are, as I rub my belly and complain how tired I am, I am truly humbled by the amazing priceless gifts God has given us.
Hope all my blogger friends had a very Merry Christmas!
Papa and his whip cream

Papa got Will real cowboy boots per mommas request, I love my boys and their boots
Watching Peyton open a present at papa Jims
Uncle Tim was the hit of Wills Christmas playing with him non stop
opening presents with daddy at papa Jims

Santa came!!!!!!
Playing with a new "mater" toy
Playing the piano like the boy on charlie brown
showing momma how it works

reading a new book with daddy

and momma

attacking his new teddy bear... all boy

opening his stocking with Gigi and Uncle Jake
Helping Boomer open his stocking
Out for a drive in his new truck!

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