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Friday, January 4, 2013

36/37 weeks

Yay! Its finally January! :)
Awaiting our sweet sweet bundle.

my swollen foot/ankle, 36 weeks

Will still loves to kiss his baby brother

36 weeks on Christmas Day, 37 weeks on New Years Day!

At my 36 week appointment I measured 35 weeks, I was dilated .5 cm not much but more of a start than I had with Will. With my first pregnancy I was .5-1 cm for 3-4 weeks and the same when I went into labor...long labor. Hoping this one progresses a bit faster.
Blood pressure is good so were not worried about the swelling, and doc suggested a belly belt thing to help with all the pain/ pressure I am having. Seems my belly is sitting on my already stretched out ligaments causing me some discomfort.
I've kinda been thrown around my doctors office as my doc is not delivering anymore and the other I switched to just went on bedrest. Doesn't really bother me since its a toss up on who will deliver you depending on when you go into labor anyway.

I definitely felt like I got hit by a truck after the crazy holidays, 36 weeks pregnant, and with a toddler, but all in all it was nice to get 4 days off, not that I really "put my feet up" much. This is everyone's advice, but this time of the year is just hard, I would never want to be pregnant around the holidays again, I'm finding it very difficult with everything else there is to do.

With a few days off work around Christmas and New Years we did get A LOT checked off our baby list! The room is pretty much done, mine and Will's bags are packed, newborn diapers are put away... I feel pretty good we could bring the baby home at any day now :)

Today I had my 37 week appointment and met my new doctor the one who will most likley deliver me. I really liked her, she is young, pretty, and sweet, good combo. I am dialated to 1 cm and 50% effaced, I have not gained any weight in a week and I am measuring 35-36 cm still, hoping this is just because he has dropped into my pelvis. If weight gain and measurments do not change next week we'll do an ultrasound and non stress test, she actaully wanted one today but I had to get into work.
He is head down and ready to get this show on the road.... or his momma is. But a couple more weeks are fine by me, I'm mostly comfortable and daddy is heading out of town next weekend. I cant believe we'll meet our son in just a few short weeks!

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