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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easter and Mothers Day 2013

Rewind real quick to Easter and Mothers Day... 
My first mothers day with boy of my sweet blessings, it was surreal. I love these two boys more than words can describe and everyday I thank God for the chance to be their mommy. They are my world. Everyday, Every hour, sometimes every minute one of them is doing something to make me laugh! Will is a chatter box just like his mommy and is always talking. Parker loves to snuggle and be held, he also loves silly faces and lights up when anyone talks and interacts with him. With these two personalities it makes it hard to get anything done besides enjoy their company! 
I had a great mothers day being surrounded by all the people I love most in the world.

my beautiful nana

silly papa in Wills "woody" hat

cant imagine life without our sweet Parker, so happy he was here singing happy birthday with everyone

mothers day doubled as a little belated birthday celebration.

didnt even know he was coming yet on mothers day last year!

all snuggled in after a long day, feeling blessed.
Easter was a blast this year! Our bunny went way over board, but Will had been talking up a storm about the "Easter hunt" and we had been reading books about Easter and the Easter bunny, which may or may not of lead to him having to be a good boy or being threatened with no Easter. Whatever works right?!
I will definitely do less candy next year, but it was a special morning for our first holiday as a family of four, and we of course had to include Parker in on all the action!
One of the things I love most about being a mom is getting to create fun holiday and family memories, I hope my boys have as much fun with it all as I do! My parents always made holidays super fun and memorable, hoping to carry on the tradition.
daddy checking out the new scooter the Easter bunny dropped off for will
checking out his loot!
Parker and his Easter gifts
reading a new book with mommy {elmo goes potty}

So excited, happy boy
happy baby Parker

hunting eggs with daddy

golden coin in an egg, what fun!

eating off his plate like a dog.... silly willy

{tired} mommy and parker

cat nappin sweet boy

new scooter

love these two

bunny ears on brother

my boys on easter morning

playing together

all dressed up to go to Easter at Mimis house

cousin love

the bunny stopped at mimis too! Definitely scaling down next year!

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