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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our new crib....

Home: Where you treat your friends like family and your family like friends.
When we went to see this house on New Years eve, that was it, I asked where to sign. My aunt told me when you find one that is it, you will just know. After house hunting since September I didn't know if that were true anymore but boy was I wrong! This was it, and if you know me, when I want something and put my mind to it, it WILL happen. Most thought I was crazy since our house wasn't even listed yet... But that was really our plan all along. Find the perfect house then sell ours and hope for the best. Our life is far too crazy as it is to add in the stress of being homeless or shacking up with someone and moving twice. All worked out and we close on the sale of our house tomorrow. Less than two months after we closed on the new house, which was prefect for us to get in there get our work done, move a little at a time, and take our time.
People say moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever go through, insert two toddlers and two demanding jobs. It was hard but this really was one of the most pleasant experiences, I know we will be in this house for a LONG LONG, time. The boys will come home from college here, so I think that made it all the more exciting for us. And for us to make our own for the long haul. There are still plenty of things we want to do down the road, once the checkbook settles a bit and we can breath again. But for now we are so much enjoying this time.
I love pretty much everything about our home and all of its customized touches, but the thing I love most is the neighborhood. We have already met so many great people, awesome kids, we have two pools to enjoy this summer, and to top it off we live in walking distance of 8 families we know with young kids, a few of which being our very good friends! I mean who gets to live that close to so many friends!?  It.doesn't.get.any.better.
Ok, onto some pics with OUR things in the house.... They are dark, taken quickly with phone while walking out the door after work on our way to soccer. Quality sucks.
my favorite room of the house, kitchen/hearth room

this room is getting a remodel overhaul soon and I cant wait!

office recently updated with two distressed corner cabinets from Ratique furniture

Pond with coy fish


closet with built ins... we looked at building for a while which makes me appreciate all of these touches even more!

giant soaking tub

The after pic of the dresser, this is going in the guest room

guest room

Will showing off his room

SO in love with my laundry room from In a fix home improvement

Kids play room/ bonus room, love that we did different colors on the big great wall
Play room

jack and jill bath

Parker's room

great room

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