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Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweet boys and a special day...

first bro wrestles

Parker pushes Will, he thinks he is the big bro most days

I'll be the first to admit, they were not always BFFs... But now a year later, they sure are quite fond of one another. Any mom will agree with me I'm sure, your heart doubles in size yet again when you get to start watching your children really play and interact together. Will is so protective of Parker from the steps he doesn't want him to fall down, to not getting in the street, to not coming NEAR the potty while Will is going. And Parker, well from day one, he's been the biggest fan of his big brother. I truly believe that is why he was an early crawler/walker, he just has to be doing everything his brother is doing. Will is very good at taking turns and sharing everything but I think the hardest part for him is sharing OUR time. There are certain things and games we can only do once Parker is asleep and there are some nights at 5 pm Will thinks it is quite time his little bro clock out for the night. Catching their first wresting match was one of the funniest things I have seen, I cant wait for more of these special moments.
Will funnies:
At the store in the cart he didn't even say a word to me before he asks a stranger, "Hey can you hand me those cookies" The woman and I both broke out laughing... Good try buddy.
Will asked what died meant the other day....(I said our flowers were dying) I said sometimes when things get old they slow down and sometimes they can start to die. Will's sweet response: "Ohh  yeah I know, just like when I dyed eggs at Mimi's house!"
Who knows what they are doing, but you know whatever it is Parker WILL do it too
love these two cute bunnies. right before I took pic Will was tickling Parker

On Good Friday we had plans to go to Purina Farms, every spring they have baby animals out you can see and pet. My mom came along and we had a great morning (even with Parker who wouldn't nap in the car) The animals are just so darn cute, and so is the event. We watched the dog show, and Will got his face painted. We were just loaded up in the car saying what a beautiful day it was outside when we were all trying to think of the last time we had been at the farm. On a whim we decided to let the kids nap in the car, pick up a burger, and head down to surprise my dad.
I really was a beautiful day and I cant think of anything better than spending it with my family. I hope we can re create this day every year....
Luke has GOT to learn the camera.... ;)

most the animals were 3 weeks or less, so sweet

love him

My mom and Will chatting it up with papas cows

Parkers FIRST visit to the farm!
My guys.... Parker, Luke, William, and Dad.

Silly with Papa, in our seats from Busch

The next morning Will and Luke mowed the grass together. :)

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