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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Easter 2014

He was actually posing for me, never happens!
I love Easter, Spring, Eggs, and cute outfits. This year it was great because we had such.a.long.winter! I tried to explain to Will what Easter is really all about but like most kids his age it didn't yet click. Next year. Parker quickly became obsessed with jellybeans, I mean BAD.... he's such a little monster and I love it, but whoa, I can only handle one sugar addicted kid at a time here.
We have had our fair share of friendly gatherings at the new house but I was really looking forward to hosting some holidays. Saturday we had Luke's family over for food and an Easter egg hunt. Will really looks up to Peyton and was excited to hunt for eggs with her. It took Parker a while to warm up to everyone, he's a bit more shy/reserved around people than Will ever was. But once he knows you he's a lil clown just like his bro.  We had a great time having some drinks and catching up with them all and before you know it we are getting kids in bed to put our bunny ears on and get ready for round 2. The Easter bunny came, surprising with so many warnings that he many not. The boys were excited to see what was in their baskets and there was a cotton tail trail leading them out back to a new playhouse for the summer. I made a yummy cinnamon roll casserole and I think a good morning was had by all.
A quick visit from papa Jim and Mama Mary and some naps later it was time for round 3 my family came over with TOO much food, TOO much candy and TOO much crap. It is really great they like to help out, but do we need 4 deserts for 7 people and 4 kids? Or every bottle of salad dressing from my moms fridge when I told her I had it all.... I know I cant change them, But at this point the, cook, clean, entertain, clean up bit was getting a little tiring. They all had fun laughing with the boys, playing, hunting for eggs, and eating. And we had a good time hosting everyone in the new house and making some memories and traditions. I'm not sure we will host 2 events on a holiday weekend again but I am a sucker for hosting a good egg hunt! 
Hope everyone had a very happy Easter!

Parker getting hit with the silly string

Peyton (8) William (3)

One "bunny"

Easter Morning

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