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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


 I never knew it would be so emotional leaving our first home together. Was it the fact that we brought home both of our boys here, or the fact that we grew up here... Paid our first mortgage, hosted our first Christmas, nursed babies... We lost loved ones in this home, the memories are just everywhere. Everywhere I looked I saw a memory, good, bad, really great, and yes really ugly.
I will miss this home where I created my family, but I am so excited for this next adventure...
Usually sellers and buyers don't meet much less communicate. Not the case for this social momma. New mommy owner and I had a lot in common, we are both busy, young, mommies just trying to make it in this crazy world. They have a two year old and twin one year olds, we connected in the stress of workin', mommin', and movin' together.
I am happy to sell them this home and for them to have it for raising their family, it will be perfect for them. After showings, negotiations, & inspections THAT above all else is what this is all about.... Finding the perfect place for your family to live, love and grow.
the first room we emptied, sold our small dining table, the first piece of furniture we bought together in our first apartment
Will helping pack some toys

empty house, moving day!

our new home
Will running wild in his new home

Luke's favorite part of his new home. 

a glimpse into my goodbye letter to my new friend:

... and kids….

          It has been a pleasure getting to know you and selling/ sharing our home with you. Fawn Lake has been a great home to us, we enjoyed making it our own, filling it with the laughter of our children, and creating some beautiful memories here.

I have so many wonderful memories at this house, I went into labor with my first son while lying on the couch in the family room, and hearing the laughter of my boys chasing each other around warms my heart every time no matter how cold the day.

Luke’s favorite memory in our first home was when I told him I was pregnant by our dog wearing a big brother shirt and getting it all captured on hidden camera… It’s needless to say we quickly filled this home with love and lots of happy tears........
Goodbye Fawn Lake.

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