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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Parker's first birthday!

We had a brunch party for Parker's first birthday, small, just family. I really enjoyed having a small little party. The food was yummy, the time worked great for everyone, including nap schedules, and most importantly mommy got to enjoy most of the carefree party! :)  

Parker, you've' simply brought so much joy and laughter into our little family. Your one year old and not for one second can I imagine life without you. For most the whole first year you were the happiest baby.ever. You LOVE your big brother Will and want to do everything insert early crawler and walker. You also love mommy and daddy very much, like both my boys you are and will always be a little mommas boy, but you have a very special place in your heart for your daddy too. Your a money monkey man and at 12 months old we've got your crib on the lowest setting, doll houses, race tracks, chairs, tables they're all just mountains to you. You love to eat anything and everything, and will often finish off your big brothers plate as well! You love all toys, but puzzles and books are a favorite. I joke that your going to be the next Bill Gates, you have a strong willed love for our phones, any technology for that matter... Which has lead to my little tantrum throwing baby. Lately when something doesn't quite go your way you throw yourself down crying, little drama king. You look forward to bath time and getting your teeth brushed is a current favorite. You love frozen yogurt bites, pizza, and ice cream, you love anything with a tag, the second you find the tag {even a kitchen towel} the thumb goes in the mouth, your favorite is your little giraffe lovey, need him to sleep. Your such a sweetheart, even show compassion with your helpful brother doesn't always want to share something with you.
I always look forward to seeing you in the morning because you always have a smile on your face and a little chuckle in your belly. Seeing you grow this past year made my heart multiply a thousand times... You are such a special boy to us all, I look forward to all the fun memories to come!
I love you so much my perfect, sweet, angel baby, Parker.

Will with Papa

These next two pictures are so special to me, my aunt cindy and grandpa bill drove 4.5 hours to come in for Parker's birthday party. They had to leave early because a snow storm was starting that afternoon. It warms my heart so much to see them and that they made such an effort to be here with us for Parker's first birthday. Now that's what family is truly all about!

My special birthday boy and I

Will and Bennett, double trouble


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