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Friday, March 21, 2014

Lets try this again.....

Welp. I let life get in the way of a lot of things lately, but most of all blogging and keeping track of milestones and memories, and every time I thought about it... like so many others I know... it just gets too overwhelming and the thought of documenting quickly leaves my mind.

Well today I had a minute and thought, I wonder what the last blog was even about... I went to look it up and *gasp* I didn't even know my site...much less my password. For the past few months I've been more than okay with this while we tackled some bigger issues {more on that later} But when I started to read some posts about Will's birthday and some memories it makes me a tiny bit sad I don't have that for Parker.

I want to remember the big moments for him... achm First Birthday! But so many more to come.

So I'm going to try to start blogging again, if not for anything else for my kids and my own memories because I love nothing more than to look back at old pictures and re live all the fun moments again and again.

buggies out on the first nice day of a long, long winter
Still loving tiger and bunny.... even let brother have a second with them

Parkers first time on the playground slide, big fan!
There's no way on earth I'd be able to catch up on all the big things we've had going on since October so here's a run down!

October 2013 - Daddy starts a new job he LOVES! So happy for this opportunity for him and for us!

Thanksgiving 2013 - Will and daddys roadtrip to Kansas and Mommy and Parker's stay in St Louis, Mommy gets all four wisdom teeth out the day before Thanksgiving.

Christmas 2013 - Parkers First Christmas, and Will's most exciting yet! Perfect Perfect Perfect Christmas.... well minus one small hiccup.

December 2013 - in an effort to keep up with his big brother Parker starts walking!

January 2014 - New Years eve, go see a house on a whim before dinner and place an offer next day. Found our dream home.

               - Parker turns ONE! (how did that happen?!?)

February 2014 - Close on our dream home

March 2014 - UGH I digress...... pack, work, get sick, get better, clean house, have showing, pack more, work more, get sick again.......

Looking forward to posting on some big things that have happened with my lil family and that are about to happen and recording these awesome memories.

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