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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chrismas 2014

This Christmas was magical for many reasons... It was Parkers first Christmas, Will had so much fun with his elf buddy, and Santa this year, and it was our last Christmas in our first house, though we didn't know it at the time. Looking back I always wish I would of taken more pictures more videos, but I also wish I would of soaked it in even more. I absolutely LOVE the bond between these two boys and cant wait to continue to watch it grow through the years. Will is so sweet to Parker yet also very protective over him, crazy how little instincts set in and he knows his role.
Will wanted a Mike the Knight toy and castle this Christmas, it was the last toy he opened from Santa and he's played with it just about everyday since then. He's definitely at the imagination age and will go on and tell stories, play pretend forever. He loves to give us all roles, instead of being ourselves. "Mommy I'm not Will, I'm Woody, your Jessie, Parka is Potato Head" The latest (Its March now) is Frozen!
We stayed at home all day on Christmas, we got to last year too. This year my mom and grandparents came to our house in the afternoon, we ate, opened MORE presents, and relaxed. It was the perfect day.

Will holding his favorite toy from this Christmas

Grandmas are here, round 2!

who needs cute outfits when mommy lets you stay in Christmas jammies all day! :)

the night before Christmas

my whole world

Parker had a plan, he slept in a bit and let brother start some of the opening... Good plan Parker, boy is crazy!

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