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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You've got a friend in Will!

 We had an, everything Toy Story Birthday Party for Williams 3rd birthday. He's so into Toy Story right now so he Everywhere you looked there was a character hiding in the corner, or a sweet saying from one of the movies. I kept this party small which I loved but that didn't stop me from going a little over board with all things in theme for this special birthday boy!

We enjoyed "pizza planet" pizzas, a yummy salad, our favorite pretzels, and of course lots of yummy deserts. I did this party as easy as I could and I loved that I was left with plenty of time to visit with family and friends and enjoy watching my boy soak it all in. I had been sick on and off for about a week the day of Will's party, I just kept thinking I'll be sick later, this is about Will... and boy did I pay. See next post. Looking back while writing this I cant believe I held it together as long as I did feeling as horrible as I did.

One of Will's favorite things about birthdays is singing happy birthday, especially when its to him. He gets really quiet with the biggest smile on his face and he is just in awe of it all. It makes me melt and get all teary eyed watching how much he enjoys this simple special part.
When you ask Will what he wishes for he always says "to have a fun day" This is usually what we wish on stars for too...

 Will got some great new toy story toys he loves, including his NEW Buzz! And the next morning Uncle Tim brought him some brand new golf clubs!

Side note: The other day we all went shopping, when we got home and got Parker out of the car seat we realized he had pooped and it had "blown out" as Luke and I laugh, and wipe, laugh and wipe, and Luke acts like he might get sick Will says "WAIT GUYS (he always calls us guys, I love it) I'LL GET BUZZ, HE ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT TO DO!" He right away went and got Buzz and started shooting his laser beam at the disgusting diaper.
We all had a good laugh after that!

I love these two pictures so much, it sums it up perfectly.... Will is simply the sweetest most compassionate person you will ever meet. My heart hurts with how much love I have for him, he is an amazing son, a great friend, a silly grandson, and an all around perfect little person. I love the person he is and the person I can see him becoming. Before you are a mom you never know the amount of love you will have for your child, but every day my love for this little boy grows more and more, and I thank God all the time for giving me the opportunity to be his mommy.
 Happy THIRD birthday William Lucas, I don't know what I would do without you in my life, I love you, I love you, I love you, so so much ;)

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