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Friday, September 27, 2013

Will Quotes

Happy Fall everyone... ummm hello, is this thing on?
I'm not sure if anyone reads this or not, But figured its time to update a little on the ol' family blog!

We've been doing good, going through the grind... work, kids, family, home, and trying to squeeze in just as much fun as we can. Which has been pretty easy considering we has a pretty mild end to the summer and just an amazing Fall, I literally cannot remember the last time weve had weather this nice for this long.
This time next week I will have a THREE year old GASP! I know right, what happened to the past three years and that fat pregnant lady that was waddling around 41 weeks ready to pop. Feels like it was yesterday but then again it doesn't, Love that our sweet family is complete and I'm at perfect ease saying that, and showing it by getting rid of everything. Loving de cluttering our house and hopefully making it easier to move sometime sooner rather than later! 
What better way to start documenting again than with some of my favorite recent quotes from Mr. Will

Reading book in bed that has a flap torn.... "The book is broken, daddy can fix it."

On the way to school, "mommy where you going? I've gotta go to work buddy. with your girls? No buddy not with my girls. why? I dont work with my girlfriends sweetie, I wish I did though. Ohhh, you just go to dinner with the girls? Yes buddy." Love the way his little mind works.

Going down slip and slide, "mommy I wanna ride ON you!"

When I have a dress on for work in the morning... "Mommy you going dancing?"

Speaking of mornings, 4 out of the 7 days of the week I go in Wills room dressed and ready for work, latley the days I am ready he immediatly falls on the floor whining and crying becuase he knows its not a day we can lay around in our pj's and rest in bed. :(
The past two Tuesdays Will has waited in his bed after nap till I got home 5:15 becuase he wants me and no one else... its a phase were going through he has to have mommy do everything. #luckymommy

Last Friday we went to Food Truck Friday at tower grove park with some friends. Luke took Will potty for his first experience in a porta potty.... Luke was scared he was going to touch stuff so he made him hold onto his leg. Will must usually not get that close... " Daddy you have a BIG wee wee!"

About a lot of things "Mommy, thats a GREAT idea! I'm so glad you thought of that!"

When Parker makes a crying or weird noise. "Parka doesnt like me!"

Luke and 3 of his best friends at Miss Mollys first birthday

Will and I had a date to the magic house

Swimming with the boys

Brunch with my closest friends #blessed

he loves gymnastics!

First day of preschool 2 years old

Wabash train ride!

Silly Parker

Love my boys

Standing tall 7 months old

cutest butts around

Flying Super Baby!

St Peters Carnival at the top of the ferris wheel with my main squeeze

Super Slide with Daddy

Parker partying it up with the Hardys

Bathtime lovins

Super Will!

a quick squeeze for daddy

end of summer ice cream date... what a fun summer we've had!

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