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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mr. Parker is 6 months old & lots of brotherly love

In the past six months I have felt many emotions, pure joy and love and the first sights of my sweet son. Fear and anxiety at the challenge of taking care of two babies 2 and under. Craziness and stress at the task of becoming a full time working mommy of two. But the emotion that sums up the past amazing six months the best "humbling" I just dont know how I got so lucky to be blessed with these two perfect boys and this amazing little family I call my own. My heart literally bursts at the seams everytime I lay my eyes on these two little mini me's weve created. And day by day step by step were finding our stride in this crazy busy new normal life and I love it. Theres not a night I sit down before 9 pm or a morning that starts any later than 6 am, theres always dishes to do, baths to give, and babies to kiss on, and I love it. After 3 years now of contemplating if I am doing the right thing and questioning my every move I make, I now know I am living my calling. I am not only a great mommy to these two amazing boys, I am providing an awesome life for them all at the same time. I do wish there were more hours in the day and the weekends were longer, but dont we all? I've just learned to make every.single.second with them memorable and count the best it can!

Such a SWEET baby!!!


Love this one!

Love these two human beings with every morsel in my body!

Its impossible to catch them both with that sparkly smile at the SAME time!

I caught them playing together and just happened to have the camera handy!

hand placement, melts me

Still my Mr. Sweet tooth! Love him!

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