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Monday, August 5, 2013

5 months {WAY late}

I love to eat my feet, sometimes the feet of my jammies are even wet in the morning
Okay I've slacked on poor
Parker, always doing his pics a little late I started this post a few weeks ago.... finally posting it. I'll get it together eventually..... ok two kids and full time job later I may never have it completely together :)

Parker will be 6 months old (gasp!) Wednesday.... 
So I just took his 5 month photos, mommy fail. Life got in the way, but I do have some super cute, fun, memorable moments from Parker's 5th month... and that's whats important right? :)
Were going to get his professional photos done for his 6 month he'll be so stinking cute I cant wait!

I like to stick out my tounge
I haeve a sweet sweet lil teeny bootie or so mommy says

I love to eat... everything... and I am super happy when its meal time!
I get tortured by my brother, but he also tickles me and gives me kises

I love to suck on my little thumb and its the only way I fall asleep

I love loves from gigi

I have to try and feed myself, even if it doesnt work... at all

look mom I found a toy, I think I'll play with it instead of sleep em K?

tee hee hee

I'm ready to crawl!

mommy wants me to stop bc she says I'm too little to crawl GO!

Sorry momma.

My first dog Boomer

I'm always happy to be home with mommy after work

I love to teethe... chew and drool!

and I LOVE LOVE my new jumpy bouncer mommy got me!

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