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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer days and nights

over joyed at the sight of his brother swinging him
 I love summer. It is probably my favorite time of year... I love Fall too but summer, hot dogs, baseball, late nights, drinks outside, swim suits I love it all.
I wanted to have a really fun summer with our family, I feel like William is literally growing up in the blink of an eye. I can remember like it was yesterday rocking in a chair in his empty room with swollen feet anxiously awaiting his arrival. How is it my sweet baby will be 3 in two months? Gasp!
That being said of course life gets in the way and plans change... with the little time of summer we do have left I'm really trying to make sure we make the most of it! 
Will learned how to swing Parker,they both loved it!

The Brothers: 
Parker loves Will.... he gets so excited when he sees Will playing, and if Will interacts with him, its all over. He cant get enough of his big brother and it just melts my heart.
You have two kids because you love kids, you love family and you want to cherish these amazing people. But you also want them to have a buddy, a partner in crime and someone who they can always turn to and relate to. I love watching our boys fall in love with each other, and I have a great feeling its only going to keep getting better.
Will likes to help Parker do things, he likes to "know more" and he likes to tell Parker about stuff. He often asks where Parker is, if he is sleeping, and what he is doing. He still isn't super lovey dovey with him which is just fine. I love my little boys so much my heart explodes to see how much they truly love each other too.

Ok back to summertime fun... 
Will not only loves to snuggle but also loves to take selfies... this smile of his is one that only comes through when he is being a true silly ball of Will! Dont mind the dirty burp cloth behind my head!

My Parks all snuggled up with his little giraffe lovey

slide love
 Last Wednesday Luke worked from home with Parker in the morning so I could take Will to tiny tot swim at the pool. One of the pools has this in the mornings so people like us can get there before nap and before the pool opens and so our lils are not trampled by all the kiddos. I love it and Will does too!
super slide!

goes under everything like a tunnel

why does every little boy want the water to hit them in the butt?

Family dinner night at Mimis, cousin love
Last Friday we had a great little night at home full of play outside, a yummy dinner, drinks, and a new toy for mommy! I was so excited about our new bob stroller you'd of thought I got a new car!  Parker is truly a part of the family and wanted to join in on family night just as much, after dinner he showed off a big surprise of his own! It actually looks kind of funny this itty bitty little baby getting around all on his own just like a big boy! Weekends away and busy days are fun, but quiet nights with the people I love the most might just be my favorite thing in the world.
Parker lovse to hang in the kitchen with mommy... and eat!

chicken and white bean stuffed peppers

at his 6 month appointment his doctor said we could introduce a sippy and water!

after dinner Parker decided he would show off what he had been working so hard on, he crawled and sat up for the first time, he's been so close but I didn't think it'd happen yet, he's still so tiny!

Our new ride! Awesome.

And how to end the perfect night... snuggles with my two favorite babies of course!
The next morning it was gorgeous out thanks to a little nighttime rain. While daddy caught up on some yard work the boys and I tested out our new ride and had some fun.  While on stroller rides Will assigns each one of us an animal to look for, when he gets older I'm guessing we'll keep score and there will be a winner for now it's just fun staying on the lookout.
Saturday Will assigned us. He was bunnies, I was squirrels, and he (so graciously) said Parker could be birdies. I asked him who was going to win, "I will win!" he shouts... I said what about Parker, he said "well.... Parker can almost win"   ha!
Will wants to help Parker learn this "cup" thing

my boys on our walk, we go through a trail at the high school, they look less than thrilled.

pretty lake on our street
yelling "helllloooooo" in the tunnel


Parker is at the age where I am his favorite person. Can you blame him? ;)
He has to look at me at all times if he is near me and if someone holds him he doesn't know he is not the happiest camper in the world... on the couch the other day he couldn't take his eyes off me. sweet smart little boy

Will is sick again. We literally have a week of healthy, then a week of sick, then a week on antibiotics, rather, rinse, repeat....
We had his blood tested and the results that came back were good. He does not have any major immune deficiencies. There is one shot you get (numabcocal) it prevents you from catching big things like measles, amonias etc. You get four shots of it in your life, Will has had all four and his blood work looked like he hadn't had them, they didn't take. We got another shot of it and there is a chance it could help his immunity. But there is a chance he is just a very sick boy right now with school and just having a rough patch. So we will just keep playing this game for a while longer before there is any more concern or testing.
We also learned that he doesn't have high allergies, just dog, cat, and hickory pecan tree.
Waiting for the urgent care doc

a sick Sunday at home doing puzzles one of Wills favorite things to do

As if a lovely Sunday at the urgent care wasn't enough when bouncing around during nap time Will flipped his feet over his head and bounced just like tigger right off his bed, only instead of landing on his tail he landed smack with his head in his dresser. Poor boy just cant catch a break.
Side note: later that night Will ran me over in his power wheel, it was a fun Sunday all around Truth betold that not every day is perfect... kids get sick, couples fight and dinner burns but how boring would it be if everyday were perfect. 
my tough little boy

 After the disaster Boomer left in our room and two Stanley steamer visits later, hardwood was put down. This was right after, we've since added a nice area rug and were loving our new hardwood bedroom!
by complete accident I recreated two photos from last year this week! I thought it'd be fun to compare, I cant believe how big my little bug is getting!

Popsicle outside after dinner, doesn't get any more summer than that

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