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Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July weekend: Part 1

Park Diddy waiting for his first parade to begin
Entertaining Will with a lollipop waiting for the parade
 Fourth of July fell on a Thursday this year which meant a fun filled four day weekend for the Wilson's! It was so nice and I was very excited to have four days (only one vacation day had to be used by Luke) stay home, not pack, unpack and load up, and just relax and enjoy! Some plans were starting to be made and I was determined to get out and about and do as much as we possibly could. With two very different nap schedules it can make getting out a bit difficult but I wasn't going to let that bother us this weekend.

Will has been sick {AGAIN} we went to the doctor together, all four of us, and collectively decided were going to take Will in for some testing to see if there is a reason he is sick so, so often, and also test his allergies to see what he is really allergic to. Parker was congested and had a couple rough nights, his ears looked good so we chalked it up to this being his first cold. Being a thumb sucker its hard for him to breath when congested at night. I was sick but with both kiddos a short work week and making lots of plans I was ignoring it.... for about a week.
I got much much worse and it landed me in the urgent care during nap time on the forth. It was the only way I was going to make it through the rest of the weekend. After spending over 150 at Walgreen's for the four of us over the past week it was time, I needed drugs. Stat. I didn't start to feel a bit better till Saturday night but powered through as best as I could.

I digress...

In four little days we packed in the one party, two barbeque's, parade, 2 pool days with the boys and friends, one pool day for just mommy, a date night, a late night firework showing, an evening of shooting fireworks, transportation museum, some shopping, and the occasional cleaning and laundry. It was the best four days I've had with my little family in a long time. And I hope we can keep up some of the traditions we started this holiday and keep them going!

Hope everyone had a great forth! 

slept through a little of the parade
my lil buddy

makes a friend everywhere he goes!

Waving his flag

waving to the parade floats

dancing in the street to the music, love him

he woke up in time to catch a little action!
waving at the police man

in awe of the firetruck!

my festive boys

dance party with bunny after dinner

watching his brothers dance party :)

loved the snap n pops~

snakes with daddy

Watching fireworks with his tiger

Watching all the fireworks one of my favorite mommy moments to date :)

snap pop boy... obsessed

Coming up... fourth of july four day weekend part 2!

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