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Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July Part 2

 Continued...had to document the rest of our fun weekend...
Will hasn't been in a pool, pool, since last year, Aug/Sept. He liked the pool last year, floating, jumping in etc, but this year he is ready to swim! He uses his little puddle jumpers and moves his arms and legs and is just the cutest little fish I've ever seen! I'd like to get him back into swim lessons but I don't want to do the kind where the parents have to get in again been there, done that.
Parker had his first time in a pool this weekend, he was his typical happy, go with the flow self... God I love this kid! We saw lots of friends this weekend and its so nice our kids are getting old enough to play with each other.
Will and daddy let mommy and Parker stay home and rest while they took a visit to the transportation museum Love that place, big trains, creation station, and train rides! Such fun!

Luke, Tim, and Jake on their yearly golf trip

Daddy being silly with Parks, aka lion king baby

last weekend daddy took Will to his first rascals game such a fun little ball park

Now, if Will has on his boots he has to put his sword in there, and he says he is being puss in boots. He also acts like puss in boots at bedtime which is flipping hilarious watching him talk with an accent and fight fake people all while holding a sippy cup in one hand.

sweet comb over dude

First time in the pool!

Pool day with friends, what fun!

Will with a nice set up from momma Natalie

Parker playing with one of the Denny boys... I still cant tell them apart!

Green Chinese Dragon Day at school

transportation museum with daddy

Found our friend Jack!

my fish!

Will and Emma, enjoying some play and drink time together after the pool

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