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Monday, March 4, 2013

Were Here....

Hey y'all! Just wanted to say, hi and were here.... some days were barley here but were okay. Its been a rough go, I was sick, down out, miserable sick for almost a week. Luke was sick but kept his game face on and still has not missed a day of work since Parker's birth, Will had bronchitis again, and Parker had a double ear infection already. I Lysol our house more than anyone you know, drink and force fluids and vitamin c and somehow we all still got sick. Were on the mend and I was beginning to think I got us on a schedule and Parker and I took a HUGE tumble down the steps early one morning. Parker is fine, perfect.... and I pretty sure I broke my tailbone. The first few days I could barley move, and now I'm just in an extreme amount of pain, 6 days later. I'm taking percocet from labor and it still barley masks the pain. Really hoping I feel better soon to enjoy the little amount of maternity leave I have left. Also hoping once I'm back to work I can jump on the blog train again and keep up with all the amazing moments we HAVE had with our sweet boys, our crazy days, and our fun events of the winter. Till them, Love to all! :)

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  1. Sorry to hear you've been sick & hurt - try sitting on your boppy to relieve the pressure on your tailbone.