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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Parker's first two months

Parker's first two months seem to of flown by, I was lucky enough to stay home with him everyday for the first 11 weeks of his life. I love being with him, I know what he needs like no one else, I know how to calm him, and he loves to nurse. The boy would eat suck all day if I'd let him, but wont take a pacifier. Parker had his first trip to the park, the zoo, first snow and his first Easter. We also ventured on our first dinner out as a family of four. He is a good baby, if he is full and not tired he will just smile away. He does not however like to nap... he can be super tired and just nap for 20 minutes, which can make daytime a little trying. Right now he is going down about 8:30/9:00 and waking up once to eat, and sometimes once more but goes right back down with a few pats. Up for the day around 6:30 Going back to work I'm hoping his schedule stabilizes a little bit.
Parker's favorite things to do are sit in his bouncy seat or under his gym and talk/coo back and forth and watch you make silly faces and noises at him. I think he'll laugh any day now. He also loves to watch all the action around our house, us shuffling around in the morning, Will playing and scooting his toys all around. I think its only a matter of time till he wants to get in on all the fun!
Life is definitely crazy with two, but I hardly remember what it was like to have just one. We love you so so much sweet baby Parker and were so glad your a part of our family! 

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