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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

William is two... and a HALF!

I'm not sure if anyone reads this, or if anyone cares who does, but I'm going to try to keep the blogging going, a couple times a week while I have a minute at work. I've been looking back at some posts from when Will was Parkers age, and it is so helpful to compare and see what we were doing then, how I was feeling etc... I also love to look back at this as a scrapbook and I know I will for years to come to see what we were up to and I love looking back at the photos. So if things seem to change gears a bit, thats why :) 

On April 3rd William turned 2 and a half! Seems so old, 1/2 way to 5 YIKES! He is such a fun, happy go lucky little boy, he is so curious, and adventurous, sometimes too adventurous! While we do have the occasional meltdown, usually from taking away electronics, or a sudden change in what he is doing, for the most part he is a very happy, talkative boy. He has recently started telling stories and most days he just cant get the words out he wants to say fast enough, it is the cutest thing. He's also started imaginative play with his toys, he does things with them, talks to them, its so sweet to watch and listen. 

Some William quotes to remember: 
"Its ok Parker, the monsters wont get you"  While Parker was crying during one of his first baths
"I'll get it!" Getting a bottle for Parker when they were with Caroline, our sitter. 
"AWWW MAN" When finding I've put a passcode on my iphone
"OH! I'm sorry Mr. Egg"  When he accidentally cracked a hard boiled egg while dying eggs
"Does Cooper have one?"  When he gets something he always wants to know if his bff Cooper has one too
"Whats it's name?" He wants to know EVERYTHIGS name, dogs on the street, trains at home, everything, I'm starting to run out of names. 
"Good question mommy"  Luke says good question a lot, when he doesnt know the answer. So this morning I asked Will something, and he said "Good question mommy!" 

I love this age so very much, its trying at times and patience runs thin, but most days you can literally SEE him thinking and I love it! He is also becoming so athletic, he loves to run and race, loves to jump, and is learning how to ride all his bikes and toys outside. 

Will LOVED Easter this year and weeks later still keeps telling me he wants to go on a "Easter hunt" He went to see the bunny get out of the helicopter at an egg hunt with daddy and was less than interested in the bunny but kept waving hi to papa who was driving the helicopter (an older gentleman with grey hair) we all got a kick out of this. 

We tried the three day potty training technique and it went pretty well. Started about 28-29 months, day one was the hardest, we literally had to teach him how to make it come out and how to control it, days 2,3 were ok and I think he started to get it around day 4-5. We still have to remind him to go and we do pull ups for nap and bedtime but he's doing really well. One out of diapers, and the other breastfeeding were saving some money these months!

Will is in 2T-3T clothing, and growing like a weed! He goes to bed around 7:30-8 and wakes up around 6-6:45, we got the clock that tells him to stay in bed so sometimes he goes back in till "Freddie turns green" He naps around 12-12:30 and usually takes a 3 hour nap. He is pretty picky with food but we've really been working on at least TRYING most foods.

starting some sort of project
always has to be JUST like mommy and daddy

valentines day chocolate face

how I found Will one morning

still loves to snuggle, suck his bunny, and twirl the tag on his tiger
daddy and will snuggles

Will had a lot of fun running and jumping in all the snow this year. One day we got over a foot!

no fear!

bennett turned four

first go kart ride on a special night with mommy

I love the way he eats!
loved eating corn like a big boy!

in the fort with daddy and a "free sun"

showing Parker his pictures, in his big boy undies!

painting with yogurt turned into somewhat of a huge mess!

playing doggie

showing brother his horsie on his shirt, just like papas
a stroll to the lake with mommy

Crazy driver!

Super Will snuggles with Mimi

Cheesing to send Gigi a picture, with his roll
in the pengiun exhibit at the zoo

playing with an otter

waiting for the train, boy is still obsessed with all things choo choo!

Love that he holds me finger sometimes when we snuggle
Will has grown like 6 inches in one year! Since I started measuring him at 18 months