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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Introducing Parker Adeline Wilson

Parker Adeline January 17, 2013 12:03 pm
7 pounds 15 ounces 19 3/4 long
Last family of three date night, oberweis, YUM!

39.5 weeks pregnant

William and papa Jim enjoying dinner together

I am a pleased and proud momma to announce that my second son Parker was born January 17th, 2013 at 12:03 pm. 7 pounds 15 ounces 19 3/4" long and a very sweet sweet baby boy.
The planner in me couldn't sit around and wait any longer, I was growing more uncomfortable by the day, and as I said the doctor agreed to induce me, I was 2 cm dilated 50% effaced at my last appointment and contracting regularly (confirmed via non stress test) baby was fine but momma was done. Wednesday was spent with Will as well as getting some last minute things done and catching a nap. That evening the car was loaded up and we took William to go hang out with his papa Jim and mama Mary, he would spend the night there and they took him to his babysitter the next morning. I was glad his schedule would stay somewhat normal. Tears were shed and a very emotional momma said good by to William, knowing it would be the last time to see him till I was a mommy of two was tearing at my heart strings... It's safe to say this was the beginning of a very emotional and hormonal mommy, still waiting for this to pass.
Luke and I made a pit stop at California Pizza kitchen (though nothing sounded good with the butterflies in my stomach about the night I was about to experience) Luke kept telling me to "chill out, and relax" and I tried explaining what I was about to do, there was no chilling out.
After a quick bite we were on our way to the hospital, checked in to labor and delivery and around 8:30 pm pitocen was started. I was between 2-3 cm and still just 50% effaced. Pitocen was started slow in an effort to efface me more. Hours went by, nothing happened, no progress, contractions were there but not regular and not super strong... Midnight rolled around and nurses changed shifts, nurses said things like "long" and "6am, we'll talk about breaking water" I had it in my head I would get induced that night and have my son around 3,4,5 in the morning. I wont even go in to how many melt downs I had that night, it was so hard to be naked, venerable, tired exhausted, and having nothing happen. They would up the pitocen and still nothing. I would get excited when contractions got stronger and regular (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?) only to get let down when still...nothing... happened.
I had a couple friends I would text in the middle of the night but for the most part, the night was quiet, I called mom and told her to sleep, things were going to be long. Around 5 am I started getting excited, and was debating getting epidural knowing they were breaking my water at 6 am. I decided against it since I still was not in a lot of pain. I was worried because you hear how bad things are after water breaks but I was fine. They came in, broke my water, she said she "pulled down" on cervix to try and get things moving.... I was still 3 cm.
People woke up and texts started rolling in, everyone was expecting to wake up to a picture of my boy. I had one mass text going on all throughout labor with my close girlfriends, and it may have saved my sanity and daddys life a few times. Thanks girls!
Around 7:30 the epi was ordered things were happening and I was uncomfortable, not a lot of change and I didn't want to slow things down but I wanted to relax. Luke's mom was a trooper and had been with me since 11 pm the night before, my mom showed up and Luke went down to breakfast. I don't remember the timing after this but I went from a 5 to a 6 and then a few hours later to a 9.... a 9..... I started at 2 and 14-15 hours later I was finally in for the home stretch and about to meet this stubborn little boy. I don't blame him it was a cold January night and he was warm and comfy, I'd stay in too. My sister showed up, it was great to see her, a new face. I remember hugging my mom and sister and just crying, it had been one of the longest nights of my life. Luke was a trooper through the night too, I think guys just don't know what to do or say and its got to be hard to see someone you love so miserable. But its kinda hard to be on a birth ball all night and watch your husband sleep too.
I went from 9-10 in about a 1/2 hour and high fives were thrown all around..... I needed a minute. This was it, doctor was being called. I kicked everyone out... Luke started to walk out with them... ohh no buddy your in here for good now.
Right then just him and I, I told him to go get the nurse, the baby was coming out, NOW. Luke is very mild tempered (opposites attract) he said "she'll be right back" I went on to say "NOW" and he went out the door, when she checked again, she said "Um Let me get Dr. Meadows to come NOW, he's coming!"
I told Luke to go get the girls and get ready, this was it!
And less than two pushes, 5 minutes later, before the baby nurse was even in the room, my sweet sweet son was placed directly on me, he was the most precious perfect sweet thing I had ever seen and I was instantly in love. I couldn't believe it, he was here, he was perfect, and after that long night, God was looking over me and made it go quick. My doctor finished with saying "This was one of the easiest deliveries I've ever had"
I had kept his name a secret as best as I could, I loved that it was our own little secret, though Luke's mom guessed it and I accidentally outed it to my mom reading something to her.... my sister still didn't know, and no one knew his middle name. My sister was taking pictures but kept asking... whats his name? Do you want to name your son?
And I replied with tears streaming down my face....

"Please meet Parker Adeline"

Grandma Adeline passed away soon after William was born, Parker was born on her birthday January 17 and I will forever believe he is a gift from heaven sent directly from her.


 The next day and a half was spent nursing and snuggling this little guy, and introducing him to some very important people.

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